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Surrounded by the sky, clouds, hills and trees. Floating in the tranquil waters yet surrounded by life.

Locrum Islands, Dubrovnik, Croatia.

The above pic is just one of the many memorable places I have been to and are always there in my memories, whenever I need to fall back on them. Especially to run away from the clutter and chaos of life.

I am a medical doctor from India, been practising medicine since last 25 years, with a passion for prose, poetry and all written words. In this blog are a few of my words, most in poetry format, few in prose and few random thoughts. Mostly write in English but also dabble in Hindi and Marathi the languages of my home country. All the words come from my experiences in life, as a doctor as well as an individual being with all the accompanying emotional baggage.

Feel free to read and give your valuable feedback if possible.

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