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Surrounded by the sky, clouds, hills and the trees. And your boat floating in the tranquil waters. To be surrounded by life, is an unending bliss.

Locrum Islands, Dubrovnik, Croatia.


  1. A View from the Window(poem)
  2. Watching the clouds floating in the sky (essay)
  3. Ode to Friendship(essay)
  4. An inspiring story about a patient suffering from cancer
  5. Soul Collector(Poem)
  6. Awake(poem)
  7. Tranquil(poem)
  8. Rain(Poem)
  9. Languishing Alone(Poem)
  10. Your friendly Doctor(Poem)
  11. Puddle(Poem)
  12. Please give me a call(Poem)
  13. Alone on a Lonely bench(Poem)
  14. The Lord and Einstein(Poem)
  15. Free at Last(Poem)
  16. The One You Love(Poem)
  17. Time to let down your hair(Poem)
  18. Angels and Demons(Poem)
  19. Constraints(Poem)
  20. Falling in Line(Poem)
  21. I see her everyday(Poem)
  22. Soldiers(Poem)
  23. Fires Religious and political(Poem)
  24. Humanity’s Decline(Poem)
  25. When I feel sad(Poem)
  26. The Beach(Poem)
  27. At Rest(Poem)

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Sunday Morning

Rising sun, hiding behindA sleepy treeLeaves glowingWith the scattered goldChattering of the birdsAroused from their sleepAs Golden dartsPierce their branchA bird in a hurryLands on the roofTakes off to a treeAnd back againRustling of the leavesAt a gentle breezeA solitary cricketIs singing stillA vagabond DogMoves and stopsStarts running aroundChasing butterfliesAnd silence of the robotsSleeping lateTheirContinue reading “Sunday Morning”


As I lie alone on my bedI think of the people I missedI regret I did not talk to themOr apologised to many moreShould have taken a handfulFor a sunset cruise on a riverAnd a sumptuous feast laterAt a high-end extravagant dinerMany I would have just calledSimply to my homeFor a evening full of chatterAndContinue reading “Regrets”

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