“Midnight Mass” on Netflix – a review

It’s categorised as horror but it’s a beautiful take on religion and day to day religious practises, that we take for granted, finding absolutely nothing wrong in them. It’s a bit ponderous at times what with lengthy monologues but provides a twist at the right time to sustain the interest of the viewer.

There are a lot of monologues but they are beautifully written and delivered and are almost poetic. The religious ramblings of the priest feel jarring and sometimes and go on and on, but that’s the effect the director wants to have on the viewers. To feel the religious activities from a neutral point of view. Two scenes stand out from the series. The first one where the two protagonist discuss the meaning of death from their own perspective, is beautifully taken.

Especially beautiful is the scene about the last meeting between the two protagonist. On a canoe far away from the shore and waiting for the sun to rise. It’s surreal, and shocking, both at the same time. Showing the extent to which humans can sacrifice themselves for the sake of humanity.

The premise of the series is horror and supernatural and in the last two episodes it explodes into the macabre. Revealing how personal desires overwhelm and change the direction of religious discourse and in turn the society. How the followers sometimes progress from being ardent believers to rabid proponents of religion. Each understanding and using it as per their capacity and desires.

It’s a short series. With just seven episodes. Just the type I love to watch. Rather than stretch into seasons and seasons, it shows what it has to show in a limited time, and with an impact.

Once the last episode is over and the credits roll out on the black screen, one is left frozen on their couch, lost in silence for a long time.



Published by Shashi

Medical Doctor and love to write.

2 thoughts on ““Midnight Mass” on Netflix – a review

  1. Thanks for the thoughtful review, Shashi. I’m not a religious person, so this sounds like it might be very interesting to me. A belief in God is such a strong force for both good and evil in the world that I’d like to understand it better.


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