Bullshit Most of the times After few large pegs Words flash like lightening In the clouded mind I hurriedly search before I forget Scraps of paper, tissue or tabs Anything I can, write upon If nothing’s there, I memorise them all Try hard to remember Next day on the pot But booze has a wayContinue reading “Bullshit”


Silence When I hear silence The word silence I mean Hear pristine heavenly Closer to God Meditative reflective Said to be answer for all But silence also means Suffering and pain Shame sometimes Or gut wrenching fear Sometimes acceptance Of miserable fate A wretched life That will never change But the worst of the silenceContinue reading “Silence”

My Song

My Song A long road straight, stretching for miles Sun baked plains, yellowing grass Few bushes and rocks Passing by Hum of tyres in the background Soprano of winds Intense and high One adds to the symphony Humming a song That comes easy, in an instant A song that’s always Traveled along Revealing touching, someContinue reading “My Song”

Beyond The Mirror

These lines are written in response to the prompt by https://adelectablelife.com/2021/11/13/weekend-writing-prompt-235-mirror/ This prompt was hosted by https://sammiscribbles.wordpress.com/2021/11/13/weekend-writing-prompt-235-mirror/ Behind the mirror When I look into mirror Hanging on the wall See exactly myself Just changed hands May be the nose turns Rightward not left Parting of my hair Looks misplaced Window behind me Looks just theContinue reading “Beyond The Mirror”

The Night Manager- A review

Watched “ The Night Manager” on Amazon Prime. It’s a six part series based on a novel by the same name by John Le Carr’e. Each episode lasting around 55 minutes. It’s like James Bond movie but languorously done minus the mandatory car chases and gizmos. But in exchange we get well developed and roundedContinue reading “The Night Manager- A review”

Beyond The Horizon

Beyond our daily lives, somewhere lies real life, Beyond our horizons, somewhere lies the real world and Beyond the silence, one can hear the universe speak ©️ShashikantDudhgaonkar Many a people are lost to us, because they do not appear at the centre of our vision or mind-space for a long time. They hover somewhere atContinue reading “Beyond The Horizon”

Last seen

Last seen Last seen some friends Years or decades ago Don’t seem to quite remember Truthfully, never gave much thought Work, family, self and many excuses Priorities, possibilities and responsibilities Kept changing everyday But had a faith strong, held all along That tomorrow will arrive As always it has Will meet them then, talk forContinue reading “Last seen”


This post is in response to a prompt on https://lifeafter50forwomen.com/2021/11/08/wdys-106-a-roundup-post/ Hugs As one pulls them close Hold them near Gently gliding In their world Gush of warmth Touch of hair Fragrant breath One has known for years All comes back Threatens to flood Thoughts just freeze Hang midair Amidst all this One thing stands clearContinue reading “Hug”

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